Calculate GPA

    Calculate GPA

    This calculator helps to find grade point average (GPA) and generate a GPA report. This calculator has options of point value, percentage or letter grade system to calculate GPA. There is option to include other semesters course grades or prior semester GPA & credits earned, so as to find cumulative GPA, total credits and generate report of same.

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    GPA Planning Calculator

    This calculator can be used to determine the minimum GPA required in future semesters/courses to estimate GPA required to reach a desired level or maintain the GPA above a certain level.

    Current GPA
    Target GPA
    Current Credits
    • The number of credits you achieved so far.
    Additional Credits
    • The number of credits you plan to take in the future.

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    Grade Point Average or GPA is a score that helps to measure one's academic achievement whether in middle school, high school or college and is a tool to generate a GPA report to gauge his or her's educational career. GPA weight varies from country to country and institute to institute, it is not universal at all.

    GPA is basically calculated by dividing the total points earned in a subject or program by the total number of courses. If subjects are graded differently or they have credits then the weighted average is calculated. If the grades are in letters then they have to be converted to numerical values to calculate a GPA score. One has to be aware of the corresponding letters and numerals to calculate the GPA score. The grading pattern is key, it can vary from A, A-, A+, E, etc.

    In higher education based on the difficulty level, weights for courses differ, certain subjects may have a higher weight as compared to the others. The calculator can factor in the gradation and accordingly compute the GPA score. One has to add the products of the course grade points and their corresponding credits and divide that value by the sum of all the credits. If the course does not have any credits or all of them are the same, then the GPA is the ratio of the sum of all the grade points from the courses taken. Cumulative GPA or the weighted average of your results is the grade point average of all the semesters or terms

    The GPA calculator can be used as a planner - to maintain a GPA above a minimum threshold and to raise GPA to an acceptable level. It is very important to track and update your GPA throughout the year so that you are in line to achieve the educational goals you have set for yourself. Based on the GPA score, individuals are assessed at many places and the feedback you get will help you in making adjustments in your studies. Whatever target you have set for yourself as far as the GPA score is concerned, this calculator helps you to track that goal very closely.

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