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    There's no fear that we are slipping into a bearish stock market: Sunil Subramaniam

    “Emerging market flows could be under pressure and which is what we have been seeing for quite a few months. India was the last man standing, most emerging markets had been getting outflows from three-four months back, India held down till end August and it was only in September that we got a little bit of a shock in terms of outflows.”

    How should you play the real estate theme? Varun Goel answers

    "The real estate sector will continue to experience strong growth in the coming years. One should be cautious about the high valuations of certain companies in the wires and cables and building materials sectors. There is potential for a revival in the residential real estate cycle, particularly in the NCR area and investing in residential real estate players with strong balance sheets and good corporate governance. One should avoid excessive debt and poor corporate governance to prevent permanent capital destruction."

    Will demerger into 6 separate listed entities help Vedanta garner investor interest?

    "The demerger of verticals in Vedanta will provide an opportunity for lenders to take control of these verticals and unlock their values. This could include selling some of the verticals to satisfy creditors. Choksey also suggests that the restructuring and demerger into six separate listed entities will simplify the group's structure and make it easier to sell off businesses and attract specific investors. The standout entity is expected to be Hindustan Zinc, followed by Cairns, aluminium, and the rest of the businesses."

    ETMarkets Smart Talk: Rs 8-trn opportunity! AIF is growing much faster than MFs: Ajay Vora

    Ajay Vora of Nuvama Asset Management, believes that alternative investment funds (AIFs) are growing faster than mutual funds (MFs) and this trend will continue. He also stated that with the Nifty at 20,000, the Indian market is still not expensive and has strong earnings growth potential. Vora mentioned that there is growing interest in alternative investments, particularly from Tier-II and III cities. He also noted that investors are moving away from traditional fixed income products towards higher-yielding structured credit products.

    Nifty PSU Bank index near make-or-break zone. Mehul Kothari tells you what to do

    The Nifty PSU Bank index is approaching a make-or-break zone near its all-time high resistance of 5375. If there is a breakout above this level, it could lead to a fresh rally in the index and PSU stocks. However, failing to do so in the coming weeks may result in profit booking or consolidation. The Nifty Bank index has historically performed well in October and could outperform the benchmark indices. Traders should watch out for levels around 44000-43600 as a strong base for the short term.

    Dr Devi Prasad Shetty’s tips for a healthy heart: Carbohydrate is the next villain, not oil

    Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman & MD of Narayana Health, advises restricting carbohydrate intake and becoming spiritual for a positive impact on health. He emphasizes the importance of preventive check-ups, especially for those engaging in extreme sports. Shetty suggests wearing a smartwatch and walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day. He also warns against prolonged sitting and recommends practicing good posture, yoga, and quitting smoking. Additionally, he suggests monitoring weight in pounds, reducing carbohydrate consumption, and focusing on protein and vegetables. Regular health check-ups, including blood tests and heart evaluations, are recommended for individuals over 40.

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    Value-biased and quality consciousness, 4 themes to play now: Sandip Agarwal

    Areas such as domestic consumption, building materials, home consumption, and manufacturing show potential for growth. However, caution should be exercised when considering valuations. Playing specific themes in the market is the best approach. The yield gap between the US and India is at a decade low, which could impact FPI flows and currency. One should be selective in deploying new money, focusing on sectors like home improvement, technology, and manufacturing.

    Which corporate group to bet on for the next 3-5 years? Sandip Sabharwal answers

    “What happens in all these financial companies is that when they raise money at a higher book value, then on price to book, they start looking cheaper, that is what happened with Bajaj Finance and it rallied and Chola is doing the same thing. So, many of these companies are just taking advantage of the very high price to book they are getting to raise capital.”

    Select midcap pharma, media & IT stocks poised to do well next 3-5 years: Varun Goel

    “From a margin perspective, things are getting better and revenue growth should start accelerating from the third quarter onwards. Therefore, we believe that in a lot of the small cap and midcap names, there is an opportunity to do bottom-up stock picking and we remain quite constructive on selective names.”

    Don’t short Bank Nifty till it drops below 44,500: Rupak De

    A decisive decline below this level could potentially drive the index towards 43,800/43,500. On the upside, 45,000 is likely to provide strong resistance,” he said.

    Should you accumulate HDFC Bank at current levels?  Dipan Mehta answers

    Should you accumulate HDFC Bank at current levels? Dipan Mehta answers

    Specific sectors, nothing specific in mind, but banks should do pretty much well for the next two-three weeks or so and we will be entering into earnings season and those are the keys and news flow which you should watch out for because when the company declares the earnings that is when we have the maximum volatility and a lot of trading also happens around those events. So, I think we are in for a quiet week from the news flow point of view, but pretty busy towards the end of next month.

    2 top stock recommendations from Foram M Chheda

    2 top stock recommendations from Foram M Chheda

    As far as the levels are concerned, now the yesterday’s low, that is closer to around 19,500, becomes a support on an intraday basis; however, from a weekly perspective around 19,600 yet continues to remain a very important level on a closing basis.

    Pranjal Kamra on how to curtail lifestyle expenses and save money

    Pranjal Kamra on how to curtail lifestyle expenses and save money

    Pranjal Kamra, CEO of Finology Ventures suggests following the 50-30-20 rule, where 50% of income is allocated to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to investments. Kamra also recommends avoiding impulse purchases by using UPI or debit cards instead of credit cards, setting up manual payments instead of auto debits, and uninstalling shopping apps to prevent unnecessary spending.

    How to approach sector-specific stocks & sector-specific funds?  Aditya Agarwal explains

    How to approach sector-specific stocks & sector-specific funds? Aditya Agarwal explains

    Aditya Agarwal, Co-Founder of, discusses the decision to pick stocks individually or trust a professional fund manager. He highlights the importance of sector-specific investing and the potential for outsized returns, while also acknowledging the risks involved. Agarwal advises investors to conduct their own research and make sector-specific calls if they have the time and skill set, but recommends relying on a fund manager if they lack these resources.

    Predominant share of Rs 12,000 crore revenue will come out of domestic sales: Keshav Bhajanka, CenturyPly

    Predominant share of Rs 12,000 crore revenue will come out of domestic sales: Keshav Bhajanka, CenturyPly

    “We are predominantly a luxury player in any case. We are the highest end of the pricing point in the entire spectrum. With the Manish Malhotra range, we are very confident that we will be in a product category where we have not moved and which is uber luxury or ultra-luxury.”

    Play for a bounce back? Gaurav Bissa’s 2 top picks in this market

    Play for a bounce back? Gaurav Bissa’s 2 top picks in this market

    “The first recommendation would be a buy on Coal India. It has given a breakout, it has seen a follow through breakout and it has a good structure on point-and-figure charts as well. One can keep a sort of 275 and play for targets of 330. The second recommendation would be a buy on Axis Bank.”

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