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    Coming to end of meetings


    In a world where meetings have become an integral part of professional life, the often-overlooked delight lies in their conclusion. When the chairperson utters the final words and declares the meeting adjourned, a collective sigh of relief sweeps through the room or virtual conferencing space, marking the end of a potentially time-consuming and meandering discussion.

    Coming to End of MeetingsET Bureau
    In a world where meetings have become an omnipresent fixture of modern professional life, there exists an underappreciated aspect to them: the utter pleasure derived in the conclusion of these gatherings.

    As the final words are spoken by the 'chair' and the meeting 'adjourned', a collective sigh of relief reverberates through the room or video conferencing palace. It signals the end of an often time-consuming and sometimes meandering discourse.

    The pleasures of the end of meetings are manifold. For starters, they represent a return to productivity a.k.a. real work. As participants disperse, there is a palpable sense of liberation as individuals can finally return to their core tasks, freed from the 'theatre'.

    Also, it is during the post-meeting period that ideas discussed can really be distilled, action items assigned and strategies refined. The relief of closure allows for clarity and purpose that is very satisfying.

    It also marks a return to personal autonomy. Freed from the obligations of participation, attendees can regain control over their schedules and allocate their time the best way. The conclusion marks the primal joy of realising that it is only when something ends that something valuable can start.

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