Katrina Kaif, Narendra Modi: Most followed Indian celebs on WhatsApp Channels

Sep 29, 2023

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WhatsApp Channels

Meta-owned WhatsApp has launched a Telegram-like feature called Channels. Channels are a new private way to receive important updates from people and organisations, right within WhatsApp. (Image: Meta Blog)

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Indian celebs joining

As the service launched in India, celebrities including Narendra Modi were quick to join the WhatsApp Channels . (Image: Twitter/ WhatsApp)

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Most followed Indians

Here is a list of the top 5 most followed Indian celebrities on WhatsApp Channels.

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Katrina Kaif

15.3 million followers. She is also the most followed celebrity in the world on Channels, having even more followers than Mark Zuckerberg. (Image: Instagram/ Katrina Kaif)

Image Source: Agencies

Akshay Kumar

8.8 million followers. (Image: Instagram/ Akshay Kumar)

Image Source: Agencies

Narendra Modi

7.7 million followers. (Image: Instagram/ Narendra Modi)

Image Source: Agencies

Diljit Dosanjh

5.3 million followers. (Image: Instagram/ Diljit Dosanjh)

Image Source: Agencies

Sunny Leone

5 million followers. (Image: Instagram/ Sunny Leone)

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