Manish Malhotra shares intricate details of Parineeti's wedding look

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Sep 28, 2023

Nani ka challa

In a heartfelt tribute to her maternal grandmother, Parineeti adorned her lehenga with a traditional keychain known as "challa" in Hindi. This small but meaningful addition paid homage to her family's rich heritage.

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Personalised veil

Parineeti's wedding ensemble included a custom-made veil, which held a special message. Embroidered in elegant Hindi script was the name of her husband, politician Raghav Chadha, adding an intimate and personalised touch to her bridal look.

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London love

The couple's love for London found its expression in their attire. Miniature landmarks like a double-decker bus and the iconic London Eye were artfully included, symbolising their connection to this vibrant city.

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Symbolism of 'P' and 'R'

The inclusion of 'P' and 'R' in the outfit was a subtle yet powerful representation of Parineeti and Raghav's unique and heartfelt love story.

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Musical passion

​Another element in her look was a gramophone, a symbol of their shared passion for music, was intricately incorporated into the design, underscoring their love for melodies and harmonies.​

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Religious symbol

Not to miss the element that underscores the profound importance of these beliefs in their lives, symbolizing their shared spiritual journey in their marital union. The Khanda Sahib, a symbol of their deep-rooted faith and spirituality.

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Less is more rule

Her minimal makeup and intricate mehendi added to her natural charm.

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Coordinated ensemble

​Both Parineeti and Raghav ensured their wedding attires were impeccably coordinated. Parineeti adorned an exquisite ivory lehenga, complemented by precious stone jewelry. Raghav donned a sophisticated ivory sherwani paired with a traditional saafa.

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Emotional connection​

These carefully selected elements transformed Parineeti’s bridal attire into more than just a beautiful outfit; it became a canvas of her identity, her cherished memories, and her heartfelt emotions.

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